Is the Notes feature on Web for MM23 is till WIP?

Mahesh S. shared this question 4 months ago
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The notes feature on the Web version of MM23 is so behind the industry standard these days. Even the comment section of this is more advanced. Compare the options. Why is the Dev Team releasing products that are WIP? Using the feature "Bulleted " points was so painful.



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Hi Mahesh,

Thanks for the feedback, can you provide more details on what was painful about using the bullet point feature?
It's a fairly standard users experience:

  • Enable and disable bullets by clicking the bullet button
  • Press the Tab key to indent (move bullet right)
  • Press the Shift + Tab key to outdent (move bullet left)
  • Press Enter twice to end the bulleted section

  1. Bullet points do not have a "Numerical" option.
  2. Using "Tab" and attempting to delete doesn't work. See below. If I click the tab at a bullet point, it should move to the next level. Instead, it creates two bullets. Not consistent.91be219f475e991126fb7265f953be1f
  3. Instead of relying on the TAB key, you could provide an Indent button
  4. Copying and Pasting bulleted points from Word documents is another level nightmare
  5. Hyperlink Functionality is missing


Thanks Mahesh,

Our QA team will investigate the issues with multiple bullets appearing, delete issues, and pasting from word, I just checked and you are correct there are some bugs in these areas.

Please add your other suggestions as ideas so that other community members can vote on them.