Combine a timeline template as a node in a radial map template?

David P. shared this question 4 months ago
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I use the radial map template to keep track of a lot of things with my customers. Occassionally we are doing a software installation. I would lke to add the timle template as a node on my radial template. Currently I have them as two seperate maps.

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Hi David,
1. possibility
Insert the timeline separately. You then have to format the branch again as a timeline.
2nd possibility
Insert the timeline as a WBS (organigram).


I set my timeline template up as a map part. Need to insert? Click on the starting point, go to map parts and select the timeline template for the insert. Then just adjust the date on the starting task and continue to adjust the schedule. Easy to do.

If you want to look at a Gantt chart of just that timeline, you may need to hide other tasks or just make the specific timeline the only visible item, and select Gantt Pro. It should be the only timeline visible in Gantt Pro at that point.


Combining a timeline template within a radial map is a great idea for keeping track of customer activities, like software installations. It helps organize information effectively. Currently, you have them as separate maps, but you want to integrate the timeline within the radial map. This can make your workflow smoother, as you'll have both the big picture (radial map) and detailed time-related information (timeline) in one place. It's a practical way to enhance your customer management system and ensures you have all the relevant data in a single, easy-to-access space, making your work more efficient.