Include notes in opml export?

David P. shared this question 7 months ago
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I'm trying to export a map as opml, but the export strips out the notes, and I can't find any setting for this that I might switch on.

Does MMgr opml export support including notes? If it does, how can I make it happen? If it doesn't (which would be exceedingly lame), can anyone suggest a workaround to get an opml file that includes notes?

Many thanks!


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From what I can see the OPML v2.0 spec does not natively include notes, but they could be included as custom extension. Do you have a specification or reference for including notes in OPML?


Hi, Nick. Thanks for responding.

My research since I posted this query confirms that there is no native element in the OPML 2.0 spec. (It also looks like MMgr is exporting using the OPML 1.0 spec!)

My ultimate goal here is to be able to get MMgr data into the writing app Scrivener for Windows, where Scrivener will display data in outline format. Scrivener will import notes specified as "_note=". I have no idea where they got that. One mindmapping app seems to export notes as "note=." Mindomo exports them as "description=". For now I am using the following tedious workflow:

  1. Import mmap file into Mindomo
  2. Export from Mindomo to opml file
  3. Edit the text of opml file, replacing all "destination=" to "_note="
  4. Import the edited opml file into Scrivener

Pretty mindnumbing. Eliminating any of these steps would save me a lot of time. Is there a way to get Mindmanager to apply a custom extension? (At this point I am decidedly out of my depth!)




Hello David. Assuming you are using MindManager for Windows, we could easily create a "Scrivener" App that can generate compatible XML. If you contact me at I can give more details.