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I'm coming from many years of MindView. I'd like to be able to start the numbering at the root level of the map, but don't see an option to do that. Am I missing something?

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The Central Topic itself cannot be numbered automatically. Automatic numbering starts at the Main Topics, which are the immediate children of the Central Topic. To number from the Main Topics downwards you select the Central Topic and click Insert > Numbering.

To have the top level of a WBS numbered as 1 at the central topic, a workaround would be to manually number the central topic as "1." and also apply this as a prefix to all levels in the numbering scheme.



I know how to number the main topics. I've submitted a request to allow numbering starting at the central topic to be consistent with WBS numbering practices.


Hi Chris,

The primary reason for not starting numbering at the central topic is to clarify and structure the work breakdown. By numbering tasks and subtasks starting from the second level, you can easily identify their position within the hierarchy.

While it is not a strict rule, it's still worth pointing out that this numbering convention is widely accepted and used in project management methodologies such as the Project Management Institute's (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and the PRINCE2 methodology. Starting numbering at the root level can make the numbering scheme less intuitive and could potentially lead to confusion when discussing or managing the project.

It's generally a good practice to follow the convention of starting numbering at the second level or below in a work breakdown structure, which aligns with industry standards and best practices in project management.

That said, we always definitely consider your requests, but for now, if you wish to number starting with your central topic, a "hack" would be to skip the central topic - making it invisible using formatting - letting one Main topic act as your Central Topic. See the image below. (I've attached the map.)


You can also save this (or any other map) as a template (Design > Theme Organizer), allowing you to start your projects the way you like via File > New

Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have any other questions.

BR Joel

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