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Thomas W. shared this question 5 months ago
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When I export the mindmap to html5 it is working for me. When I am sharing it for colleagues over sharepoint, it is causing an issue...

A colleague is clicking on the link which is opening in a browser (safari, chrome, etc all the same issue). However they can not see the mindmap direcly, they need to click on download and then open the downloaded html file.

How can I solve this that everyone can open the link directly without a download?

Note: I have the latest Mac version of Mindmanager, but the other useres are on a Mac or WIndows, no difference.

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Hi Thomas,

If you are an Enterprise customer there is an app that can be installed in the SharePoint site that allows users to open and view MindManager files in SharePoint.

Otherwise you would need to find a way to embed the HTML on a page or link to it hosted on a webpage instead of uploading it as a file, that way the HTML gets rendered by the browser instead of being downloaded.


Thanks Sia 😉

What I do not understand why I can open the html file while others not, only via download


It's hard to say just based on these comments, maybe you can open a ticket with our support team to investigate in more detail.