Sharing map permissions issues

Mick F. shared this question 7 months ago
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In the web version of MindManager Professional, when I share a map for editing with another colleague, when they open the shared link, MindManager returnes a "Insufficient Permissions. You do not have permission to read this file." error message. I have tried sharing files located in OneDrive and Dropbox, with the same result. I get the same error message on maps that my colleague shares with me. I have tried putting the maps into folders that are shared with this colleague; same result.

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Hi Mick,

I'll use OneDrive in my response but what I'm writing is true of any of the cloud storage services when used with MindManager.

Typically the "Insufficient Permissions" error occurs because the user does not have permission to access your file in OneDrive. To fix this, open OneDrive and assign edit or view permission to the users you want to share with.

If you have done that, try the following:

  1. Make sure the person you shared with signs in and authorizes OneDrive in MindManager using the same account you assigned permission to.
  2. If it's still not working, you can try having the recipient sign into MindManager, go to the My Files screen and click "Add Place" at the bottom to sign in and authorize their OneDrive account to be used with MindManager. Once that's done, they can browse OneDrive files that have been shared with them from the included file browser inside MindManager and open the shared file.