Mac Version 23.0.167 very high CPU on Intel at all times

gslade_2 shared this question 5 months ago
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I'm seeing that the latest Mac version 23.0.167 of MM runs at 100% CPU on an Intel processor when it's in focus, even when there is no map open. If I open the previous version (Version 22.2.321) then the CPU only runs at 0.4%.

I am running macOS Ventura 13.5.1 (this is not an option when opening the support ticket on 'Product OS').

I opened a support case but didn't receive a confirmation email, so an FYI to see if other folks are seeing this on an Intel CPU also.

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I recently purchased the latest version and I have problemas setting the language of the system and so, the language of the new maps. Due to the spelling function apparently I have to select the language when opening a template otherwise I´ll have to face the nightmare of a english speling function suggesting crazy changes in a spanish mindmap.

There has to be a way to set the language for all mindmaps...please help me out


Update - I worked with MindManager support (who were great BTW), and this issue has been escalated for further investigation. Several other folks are experiencing the same high CPU issue, so there's an underlying issue to be identified. In the meantime, I dropped back to Mac version v22.2.323 (no CPU issues).