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Byron P. shared this question 4 months ago
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Why does this function now always show "product id not recognised" when I check for updates.

I have queried this with technical several times, and didn't get any real answer.

It implies an error, and I am told there isn't one, however update doesn't seem to work.

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Hi Byron,

Please advise where you obtained the installer for your version of MindManager and also copy/paste the full URL from your browser here after clicking Check for Updates.

"product id not recognised" means the unique identifier for the build of MindManager you have installed is not loaded in our Check for Updates database and this could either be due to an error our end or you not having an officially released version installed.

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I've had something like this and I just had to log into the site (app.mindmanager.com) despite the message immediately being "You don't have a license to use this product." Perhaps something in the coding of the standalone version that's somehow linked to the SaaS model that by doing a dummy-login it resets the paid stand alone version. Works for me.


Hi Tpkleins,

This is not related. The Check for Updates process in MindManager Desktop does not factor in licensing and is not connected to our Saas offerings.