When will it be possible to create and edit mindmaps on iPad?

Olaf M. shared this question 9 months ago
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It's already possible. You don't need to install an app

Visualize with MindManager - log in with you MindManager account


I haven't seen any announcement yet that touch screens are officially supported, though in my limited experience the web version seems to work on an iPad. However, it is a little clunky and you have to be connected via wifi or cellular. This means for example that you can't use it on planes or anywhere remote.

We definitely need proper iPad/iPhone/Android versions and I'm beyond disappointed that after years of waiting we still don't have these. Until we do I will continue to use iThoughts on my iPad. It may have only a basic feature set but it will read and write MM files and I can use it anywhere.


Hi Alex,

you can save online Maps and you can save it local.

And YES, we'll need a proper iPad/Android version, but unfortunately I see no development at the moment. Other brands are more important at the moment 😭🤬