Allow Comments on Published Maps

Staci C. shared this idea 7 months ago
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It would be helpful if others could comment on a shared map (published) without being able to make any other edits on the file.

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Interesting idea. There are a few options that could be considered:

  1. A facility to comment on the whole map. This would be the easiest to implement.
  2. Ability to comment on all individual comments in the maps, or just those nominated by the map publisher
  3. The capacity with either of the above options to set templates for comments, ie, nominate a maximum word limit, or select a numerical ranking, a flag or other icon in answer to a question related to an individual topic (or the whole map) which is set by the map publisher. For example, “Please rank this idea from 1 to 10”.
  4. Some capacity for the map publisher to collate responses.
  5. Privacy options which can be set by the map publisher, for example, whether comments can be seen by everyone with access to the map, or only by the map publisher.


Thank you for those well thought out extensions to my idea. I do hope that this is something we can do soon. It would really be helpful. What I was thinking is simply for a client for example to comment on information shared with them on a map without them being able to edit and potentially 'ruin' it.