I think ctrl+z is not ok for long text editing

Jaqen shared this question 11 months ago
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If I paste long text from pdf to creat a topic, I may have a lot work to do, like entering space to split, bold, italic, highlitght..., but once I made a mistake and try to ctrl+z, all I have down would disapper including space bold itlaic hl, what left is original text I pasted from pdf. Isn't it not smart enough?

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You are correct that the Ctrl+Z command, which is typically used to undo or revert the most recent action, may not be the most efficient method for editing long text of Calculate your earning. While Ctrl+Z can be useful for undoing small changes, it may become tedious and impractical when working with extensive or complex text editing.

Here are a few alternative approaches you can consider for more efficient long text editing:

  1. Use a Text Editor with Advanced Undo/Redo Functionality: Instead of relying solely on the basic undo feature provided by your operating system or text editor, consider using a text editor that offers more advanced undo/redo functionality. Some text editors provide a history of changes, allowing you to navigate through multiple levels of undo and redo. This can be particularly helpful when working with longer text documents.
  2. Utilize Version Control Systems: Version control systems like Git can be beneficial for managing changes in long text documents. By committing your changes to a repository, you can track the entire history of modifications, easily revert to previous versions, and collaborate with others on the same document.