We cannot copy paste tables from Word document into Notes? Why?

Mahesh S. shared this question 11 months ago
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I was surprised to find out that I could not copy and paste tables from a Word document. Am I doing something wrong or this is as expected? If it is as expected, then why?

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Wow...I found out about other odd behavior.

1. I cannot even copy tables from one Note to another in the same mindmap when copying notes from one sibling to another.

2. The same behavior is noted on formatted text. Any formatting also cannot be copied from one note to another. Formatted text from one note to another note cannot be copied with format? Is this also as expected?



Both copying tables from Word to topic notes and between topic notes seems to work fine for me, as does copying formatted text between notes.

However, there a potential cause for your problem. Go to File, Options. When the MindManager Options dialogue box opens, go to Edit and under Editing Options at the top of the box make sure there is a a tick in the box next to "On paste, use formatting from original".

If this is unticked, then copying text either as topics in the map or into a topic note will result in the text being pasted without any formatting (including tables).


Hi Alex,

I could find the root cause precisely to what you are pointing to.

I believe the MindManager development team should fine-tune the settings.

1. Scenario 1: You copy outside content into the Mindmap as Parent-Child branches. In this scenario, one will never want to copy the format from the source and instead use the format of the target Mindmap.

2. Scenario 2: In this case, you copy content from outside or within the Mindmap into the Notes. Here formatting like Copying tables etc, should be allowed.

It appears copy paste configuration for Notes and Branches should be configurable separately. The current configuration is creating contradictions in two different use cases.


I agree the settings should be rethought, but a more flexible approach would be to offer the same options for pasting copied material both as topics and subtopics and as topic notes in the context menu when you right click on a topic.

This approach should also incorporate as an option the recently-added facility for MindManager to identify URLs in copied text and add these as links on topics when text is pasted in the map.

The range of options could be as follows:

Unformatted: Plain text topics at the same level Unformatted: Plain text in notes
Unformatted with hyperlinks: Plain text topics at the same level with URLs added as hyperlinks on topics Unformatted with hyperlinks: Plain text with live hyperlinks in the notes
Formatted: formatted text with topic hierarchy reflecting the Word heading styles and with URLs added as hyperlinks on relevant topics Formatted: Formatted text in notes with paragraph hierarchy reflecting the Word heading styles and with URLs added as live hyperlinks in the notes

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