Dynamic links / boxes on MindManager 2023? Changing Box A = automatic change on B

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Is it possible to have an exact copy of a topic / subtopic?

When I change a particular (sub)topic in file A, the dynamic topic on file B will also change automatically.

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I am not sure if I understand you correct.

If you have two mindmapfiles and you want a topic to be the same in both...

Consider maps rollup to get al info from another topic in a simple way.



I have a timeline file where the dates change on topic level 1.

I have a project file where I want topic level 1 from the timeline file. But to those topics, I I add multiple other things.

However, once I update the roll up on the project file, everything gets deleted and looks like the timeline file only.

I want be able to add to the topic level 1 additional sub topics without that those are getting deleted later after update.


Do you have the rollup topic configured as "Show Topic only" or "Show Topic and Branch"? If it is set to the latter, then it will delete your custom topics added under the roll-up topic. I think the former setting will leave your customisations alone.


Please show us a visual of what you want and what you see.
A small video is also excellent for us to understand your request better


@Nick D.

You are right. If I choose "Show Topic only", it works.

However, there are multiple due dates interlinked. So when Report 1 is done (which date I adjust), Report 2 can start and so on.

@Ary V.

See pictures.

001 = my timeline file

002 = the actual project file

The easiest way would be to create for every Report / main topic level with a due date, a seperate roll up on the project file.

However, it would be much faster and I would do less mistakes when the whole branch would be copied, but not the deeper levels of the branch.


Have tried it with Task Samenvoegen.

You select the main topic first - that has the tasks .
Then you swith on task rollup.

This is the way I use it.See the image where you find it