When I close Mindmanager 2023 it will not open again unless I restart the computer?

D P. shared this question 10 months ago
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I am currently trying out Mindmanager 2023. I have used Mindmanager Pro 6 for years.

When I close Mindmanager 2023 it will not open again unless I restart the computer. Any ideas why it is doing this? Is it a software bug? I never had an issue like this with Mindmanager pro 6.

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Maybe it is not actually closing. If you press Ctrl+Alt+Del and open the Task Manager, is MindManager still listed even though you have closed it? If so, you can stop it from the Task Manager.

The reason that is it not closing will be a separate issue and it will be best to contact support.


I have closed Mindmanager and in the 'task manager' it is listed as a background process but not as an open app, and because I have closed Mindmanager once it will not re-open unless I restart the computer.

UPDATE: in the process of writing this and about 15 minutes after closing Mindmanager i witnessed in real time in the 'task manager' the Mindmanager background processes disappearing from the list. At that point I could re-open Mindmanager. However i do not want to have to wait for 15 minutes in order to be able reopen mind manger after closing it.

I have mentioned in a previous post that Mindmanager 2023 is quite a bit slower than than Mindmanager pro 6. Things like loading up a map and 'cut and pasting' topics to another area within the map is significantly slower. I hope they focus on making Mindmanager more responsive.


Hi, this also happens with my computer. At the moment I don't no why. Maybe the Outlook Linker forces MindManager to stay alive in the background.

It definitely needs to investigated by support team.