How to publish co-edited maps by different users

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A shared mindmap.mmap is available on our team site (sharepoint)
Through Co-editing all team members can work on this map.

But if we want to Publish (create a shared link for others to see the map in a browser ) each team member creates a different link.

Is it possible to have the team members create the same link ?

Maybe some one knows a workaround?

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Good question


I doubt this could be easily done, as each publishing event is meant to create a unique link. This obviously avoids the risk of overwriting previously published maps on the MindManager server.

Two alternatives I can think of:

  1. Designate one team member as the publisher. Other team members can edit the shared map, but only the designated staff member can publish or update it. Obviously updating the published map will overwrite previous versions which could make commenting difficult.
  2. Let individual team members save the map as an HTML5 interactive map which is then shared on your organisation's own server. When you do this you can choose your own file name, so members could either modify the filename (say by adding their initials) or use the default one. Of course, the latter option runs the risk of overwriting any preceding version of the file saved by another team member if the same file name has been used.


Thanks Alex,

Users do it now following your scenario 2, but do not save it with a fixed name and location. That is a procedure I will try to implement.

Your scenario 1 is as the software is designed, but the option to save as HTML5 is also open to others.
So it would be nice to be able to switch off / on the option to save as co-editor.

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