Repairs in Progress message - can not use the product

Troy N. shared this question 9 months ago
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I migrated to a new desktop after an acquisition. I installed Mind Manager 23 and want to add my individual license key. But for the last week, when I launch the app, I get a blocking page indicating Repairs in Progress indicating that cloud services are unavailable. What is going on?

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Hi Troy. I'm sorry to hear that you experiencing this issue. Please clear the cache on the Edge browser on your PC. Then restart Mindmanager 23


That did not work for me. I receive the same error.


please try the following

  1. Open up Command Prompt as Administrator
  2. Run the following command: IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS
  3. Relaunch MM


Hi Troy,

If flusing the DNS does not resolve the issue, here is another solution -

  • Close MindManager (make sure the process is not running with Task Manager)
  • Navigate to: C:\Users\<user_name>>\AppData\Local\Mindjet\MindManager\23. Note. AppData is a hidden folder by default and you can expose it in File Explorer settings.
  • Delete: WebView2 folders from here
  • Restart MindManager