Where is the PERT diagram template?

Erwin S. shared this question 9 months ago
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Hi i see this link in the website, but i can't find it it the templates? What is a Pert Chart and How to Make One? | MindManager

Product: MindManager (32-bit)
Enterprise Version: 21.1.231
Mode: Normal

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I can't find it either.

I agree that the article you linked to is a bit misleading in that it talks about "PERT chart templates" but doesn't provide a link to any. I think the problem is that designing a generic template is difficult because PERT can be used in so many different ways. It seems that you are expected to use one of the other templates and adapt it to the PERT model, but if this is the case they should have said so explicitly.


In addition to @Alex G,

You are still on MM vs 21 Enterprise.
Enterprise clients have obligatory MSA and that entitles them to upgrade to the latest version with no extra cost.
Urge your systems people to upgrade. They should be able to do that within one hour.

There are many new templates available in MM vs 23.
Maybe one of those is close enough to create your own PERT template fast.


awesome thanks!