Suggested auto link feature improvement 1: Allow links to be recognised in unformatted pasted text

Alex G. shared this idea 14 days ago
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The new auto link feature in MindManager 23 makes it much easier to import text and have live links recognised at the same time. As the Release Notes state:

When a link is copied to the clipboard and then pasted into a topic in MindManager, it will automatically be interpreted as a topic link. This makes it easier to link to external resources or other topics within MindManager maps. If a paragraph of text contains one or more links, MindManager will also automatically recognize them and add it as a topic link or links.

This works pretty much as described, but my first suggestion for how it could be improved is to allow all other formatting to be removed when pasting copied text while still being able to retain the links.

At the moment if you select paste unformatted text, any links contained in the pasted material are removed along with all the other formatting. This means you have to paste the text first, complete with formatting such as fonts, type sizes, colours etc which you rarely want - then highlight all the resulting topics and remove this formatting.

There should be an additional option when pasting material which allows users to paste text with all font formatting removed but any included links retained and recognised by the auto link feature.

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