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We are a neurosurgical entity and my surgeon used Mindmanager to create a flowchat having to do with surgical options. He built it using relationships and I need it to be converted into topics and subtopics so that we can work with the document. Is there a way to do that in Mindmanager. BTW, Chatgpt gives a solution that doesn't work as it points one to menu options that don't exist. I have searched everywhere and I can't see a way to convert. I am currently using a Windows version of Mindmanager and I started the trial yesterday so I assume I have the latest version.

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Hello John

This is a good question. Thank you for providing the map, which really helps. It is an advantage that the flowchart is a simple tree without cross-connections. The map has used a flowchart template, which means that the topics are all flowchart layout. They need to become map layout topics to build them as a map. Further, the flowchart layout does not have a central topic. I am not aware of a way to do this conversion automatically, but there are probably multiple ways to convert it by hand. One way is:

  1. Right-click on the "Surgery" topic and change its layout to "Right map". This is done in with the layout button in the pop-up toolbar that appears either above or below the context menu.
  2. Now drag each of the next generation topics near to the Surgery topic until you get the preview blob, and drop them as subtopics.
  3. Repeat step 2 for each of the next generation topics, and repeat for the next level as well.
  4. Note that you will lose any callout topics on Relationships (e.g. "Radiculopathy")
  5. You should now have a map that is a tree, but which also contains all the relationship connections. To remove these, go to Advanced > Select > Select Special and choose Relationships. This should select all the relationships in the map, and you can press the Delete key to remove them. The structure of the tree will remain.
  6. Finally, start a new regular map, and copy the Surgery topic and paste it onto the central topic of a new map. This will give you a normal mind map with a central topic, and the decision tree as a tree that can be expanded and collapsed.

You may get other (simpler!) methods from other MindManager users.



Hi Nick,

well done. I had the same idea 😀👍

Those kind of maps happen, if you don't know about the way MindManager connects topics and which template you should use for which situation.

Normally start of with the standard Radial-Map template and change the Layout afterwards in the Format ribbon.

Happy Mapping



Hi Nick,

This is a great approach, but re your point 4 you can drag a callout on a relationship to become a callout on the parent topic.

If you do this first you could then treat the callout as if it were a parent topic and then build a branch on it by attaching the subtopics to it directly. Alternatively you could use the MAP add-in for MindManager Switch Topic to Call-out facility. This works both ways, so you convert the callout to a subtopic and then proceed as you describe.


Good point Alex. Thank you