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Hello to all,

I´m using mindmanager as a fault-tree tool. Currently I made a template which shows the maximum of ending. Right now I have to delete all not used topics by hand.

My question:

Is there a function where I can select the final used topic (incl. the colors and icons) instead of deleting each topic by hand?

The template of how the final topics look like is attached



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You can click on the final topic to select it, then click View tab > Show > Selected Topic. This will hide all topics except the path to the final end point. Then to delete all the other options:

  • Press Ctrl+A to select all topics in the path to the destination
  • Click View tab > Remove Filter
  • Click Advanced tab > Select > Invert selection to select everything except the path to the destination
  • Press Delete


I think this could be better addressed by way of a "list drop-down box" map part.

I.e. much like the Data Validation function in Excel which allows you to pick a value from a pre-formatted list to populate a particular cell/topic, a drop-down map part would allow the easy/rapid entry of repetitive data into a MM. In the attached example, the SOURCE topic could have one of the finite alternatives as the selected topic value/option - in this instance, the SOURCE topic is repeated multiple times with the context of a Fire Risk Assessment MM.


You could use a combination of QvE's list drop-down box map part and some SmartRules to either fade the deselected option or make them "disappear" without having to delete them.

Assuming you use a specific flag (or icon or text tag) to mark the selected option, you could write two SmartRules. The first would use this flag as a trigger, with the effect being to highlight this topic by, say, making the font bold and changing the fill and line colour .

For the second SmartRule the trigger would be the absence of the flag - you could optionally add as a second trigger "Topic Belongs to Branch" to limit the effects to the relevant branches. These effects could be either to make the unwanted topics invisible by selecting the same font, line and fill colour as the map background, or alternatively making them fade by choosing, say, a light grey colour. Fading may be a better result visually as invisible topics are still present and affect the spacing between topics.


@ Alex G - your response is well received - tks

Would still like a drop-down map part as a first-pass solution - I subscribe to the KISS principle :-)

I've been facilitating all my risk assessment workshops for capital asset projects (harbours, rail, mines, mineral processing plants, airports, WC 2022 stadia, etc.) using MM - nothing else comes close in the amount of info it can logically organise and display along with the ability to focus the attention/discussion of all attendees on a particular topic at any one time - especially when you have engineers attending from Australia, the end-customer group in the UK, the systems guys in the Far East while I'm sitting in my study in Johannesburg, South Africa.

MM makes it easy to move meetings from Place to Space!


Well, one option would be simply to create a new folder under Map Parts which contains just the list of sources as separate map parts. You would then just need to click on the relevant map part to insert it.