Is there a lower price for ultra-light users

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Hello -

I am a fan of MindManager, and have used it extensively at work, but only for very basic purposes. I want to purchase a one-time license, but I do not need 90% of what it offers. I basically only create maps and do not use images, links, templates, or any other feature. Is there a way to purchase a very basic bare bones program for personal use that does not cost an arm and a leg? I am willing to pay up to $100 for a very basic license -even if it is not the most current version and with no add-ons. Would that be possible?

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If you need less than 90% of what MindManager offers, there are about 200 alternatives.

Check Mindmaple for instance. It offers about 35% of MM functionality but is free since 2022. It is not developed anymore as far as i know.

However if you need just a bit more, stick with MM and enjoy the extra benefits for less than half a dollar per day.


I also think MindManager is overpriced, but in terms of sheer versatility nothing else on the market can really touch it.

However, if you are an occasional user who doesn't need all its features MM may be overkill and as Ary says there are numerous alternatives. You just have to try each of them (they usually have trial periods) to see if what they offer matches the 10% of MM features you actually do use.

Another option is to look at the web-based MM Essentials version, which is a bit cheaper:


I think "overpricing" is only relevant where people have no choice. But as Ary says, there are many alternatives at every price point from zero upwards. The acceptable price point reflects the value assigned to the problem that MindManager solves. Some people use it for occasional brainstorming, while others run their projects and businesses on it. It is the flexibility to do the latter that puts MindManager at the top end of the pricing spectrum.