Does Mindmanager have a functionality that automatically colours the mindmap?

Jørn A. shared this question 14 months ago
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I have a trail version of Mindmanager and am considering if I should by the full version.

I don't think that Mindmanager is easy to use, and it appears pretty old to me both tech wise and when it comes to design. BUT you are one of the few out there with a relatively good text editor for the notes.

There is though one functionally that I'm really missing. Hopefully I've just not found it yet.

So here my question:

Is there a functionality that automatically can colour a map in different colours? To illustrate what I mean I have attached a screenshot from mindmeister, where you can choose between different coulour schemes that then automatically distributes the colours throughout the map. For me that functionality is very helpful.


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Unfortunately there is no option to do this automatically in MindManager. As you note, a few of its competitors have this feature, and in some cases have had it for a few years now.

There is an extensive thread about this which discusses a few workarounds, for example involving SmartRules, as well as macros to achieve this: