On the MM Community Forum provide a way to confirm/undo "Report Abuse or Spam"

Alex G. shared this question 12 months ago

While scrolling through this forum I accidentally clicked on the "Report Abuse or Spam" link at the bottom of a comment without intending to do so.

I am very concerned that the comment was immediately sent off for moderation without any confirmation being required. In addition I am upset that once once the comment was sent there did not appear to be any way to undo or reverse the process.

I am upset that I have sent off an innocent comment for unnecessary moderation without any intention to do so, and I suspect that I'm not the first person to have accidentally done this.

At the very least there should be a simple confirmation question like "Do you want to report this comment?" with a Yes/No answer, and ideally there should also be some way to recall a spam or abuse report within, say, an hour of sending it.

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yes, I'm although thinking that's a good way for security using of this forum


I agree with the check yes/no

Also the report button could be in en RED color to guide you.
I have often just typed the word SCAM in the comments and forgot about the button.


Good point about highlighting the Report option in red. Like you I type SCAM in response to a dodgy comment but often forget to report it.


Thanks for the suggestions and feedback, All.

I will pass this along to our forum provider and see what can be done here.