Filtering on all markers in a group

Nick D. shared this idea 3 years ago
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(1) When defining a Power Filter, only markers that are in current use can be specified. I cannot specify a marker that is not yet used on a topic. This means that if I save the Power Filter, it gets out of date as soon as other markers in the group are used on topics. I would like to include unused markers in the filter, to avoid the need to recreate a saved filter when marker usage changes.

It would be even better to be able to specify the whole group, including future markers.


I have a tag group called "Sprints" containing tags "Sprint 1", "Sprint 2" and so on. Sometimes not all the tags are used, and I also add new tags from time to time. I use a saved Power Filter to quickly show all topics with a tag from this group. But I need to recreate and save the filter each time I add a tag to the group, or apply a previously unused tag to a topic, because the saved filter was based on a snapshot of actual tag usage at a certain time.

(2) I can right-click on a marker in the Map Index and use the Quick Filter command to filter on an individual marker. It would be great to have the same command on the marker group, so that a quick filter on all markers in the group is applied to the map.

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Hi Nick, I think both of these are great ideas.

You can save a filter based on specific makers and then remove from the map either the topics to which those markers have been applied and/or the markers themselves, and the saved filter will retain the removed markers (as long as they are still in the map index).

So, if you are setting up a set of filters based on a stable set of markers you are able to establish in advance, you can add a dummy topic topic to the map, apply all the markers to it, create and save all the filters you need and then delete the dummy topic.

Of course this approach doesn't work so well if you want to create filters on the fly or if you subsequently add markers, though you can always repeat the dummy topic process. This is only a partial and roundabout solution though and your suggested changes are much more elegant.


Thanks Alex. I have been using the "dummy topic" workaround so far but as you say, the filter still needs to be recreated when a new marker is added to the group.