Compatibility of MindManager 13 for Mac and Monterey 12.6.5 OS

Tom P. shared this question 10 months ago

Hi there,

I see in the online documentation provided by MindManager that MM 13 for Mac is compatible with Monterey OS 12.0.

Does that mean that it is also compatible with Monterey updates in this case 12.6.5?

I ask because I need to upgrade soon but only want to do so on an OS compatible with MM 13 for Mac since I depend on is so much for my research.

Thank you

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MindManager QA has officially tested MindManager 13 up to macOS Monterey 12.0. macOS security updates usually don't break previous versions of software and you should be safe to update your OS. In the event you notice any issues, I would suggest you consider upgrading to the latest MindManager Mac release, version 22 (14).

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