Provide "quieter" alternatives to the bright green 100% Finished Progress icon

Alex G. shared this idea 9 months ago
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I think this may have been raised in slightly different ways before, but there is an issue with the current white tick on bright green 100% - finished Progress icon; it is very bright.

There are situations when you do want to highlight what's been completed, but on the other hand there are also scenarios where you want topics with the 100% icon to be visible but you don't want completed tasks to dominate the map visually. It would therefore be helpful to have at least one "quieter" alternative, possibly a black tick on a white background, and/or a blue circle based on the other progress icons.

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Alex, I am in 100% agreeance :)

I use the icons for Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4, but have to use my own 100% custom icon for Q4.

I would be more efficient if there was a choice, to include a100% full blue icon, the same color as the other task icons. Or just include the 100% icon and have the green tick still present in the selection.

Would something like this work?

The changes are to have 0, 25, 50, 100% in the topic right click menu and change the percent in the More Progress Icons to include the rest. We can change Percent to % done to be consistent.

Before After


In addition, change the icons in the Task info, sub menu progress in the right margin.


Change the current Progress drop done list to be:

Before: After:



Thanks Greg.

I broadly agree with your approach, but think it would be simpler to set the choice for one or the other icon globally across all maps in Options - or possibly this could be done on a map-by map basis. Trying to set up a situation where you could choose either icon for individual topics with different choices possible in the same map could confuse SmartRules in existing maps.

Speaking of which, how do you use your custom 100% icon? Have you been able to substitute it somehow, or do you use a SmartRule?


Alex, I agree. I would rather remove the tick altogether.

So the proposed look for the right click on the topic menu:


The right hand task info progress menu would look like this.


Issues with the current process:

  1. You are unable to exchange the 100% icon with any other icon using macro's or Smart rules.
  2. In my situation I tried to replace the 100% icon with the solid icon using Smart rules. However I still get both the green tick and my modification. See below topic Q4 100%.
  3. In addition, if you try and use another icon set you loose the roll-up total% ability.
  4. The range of icons follows no particular pattern. We get 0, 10, 25, 35, 50, 65, 75, and 90. I would prefer steps of 5% to support the roll-up function in the progress section. This is a significant limitation.

Smart rule doesn't solve the problem:


In summary

  1. Change the 100% icon to a solid icon
  2. Allow for increments of 5% to support the roll-up function.

Any thoughts?


Hi Greg, in response to your points:

  1. We need both options, both because the tick with green background is well established and recognised and also because there are times when you want a more obvious signal of completion relative to the rest of the scale of progress icons.
  2. In principle I agree your proposal for a finer-grained approach to the range of icons, though I wonder whether people in practice can distinguish between, say, 10% and 15%. Also the actual roll-up can deal with any percentages, not just those that are attached to icons, though only the icon representing the nearest percentage will be shown.

In theory you could use a combination of topic properties, formulas, SmartRules and your own icons to set up and track progress independently of the built-in system, but this is tricky and time-consuming to do. I’ve described how to do this with checklists which have just two options in this post on my blog: