Enable filter-based topic fading in Gantt charts

Alex G. shared this idea 9 months ago
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Following on this discussion: https://community.mindmanager.com/topic/1810-fade-topics-in-gantt-pro, I'd like to propose the ability to be able to apply filter-based topic fading in Gantt charts. Currently this is possible in the map view, and it is possible to use a filter to hide topics the Gantt chart, but not to fade them. This should be a fairly straight-forward improvement.

Incidentally, there should also be an indication when a filter is being applied to a Gantt chart, like the one shown in Map View.

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Enabling filter-based topic fading in Gantt charts can provide a powerful visual tool for project management and analysis. With this feature, users can apply filters to their Gantt chart data, causing non-relevant tasks or categories to fade or become less prominent, while highlighting specific tasks or categories of interest to indirizzo-streamingcommunity. By fading out filtered topics, users can focus their attention on the most relevant information, making it easier to understand the overall project status and identify critical areas.

To enable filter-based topic fading in Gantt charts, a Gantt chart software or application would need to incorporate this functionality as part of its feature set. Users should be able to define filters based on specific criteria, such as task attributes, resource assignments, or project milestones. Once the filters are applied, the software would dynamically adjust the visual representation of the Gantt chart, fading out or reducing the visibility of filtered topics, while maintaining the visibility of the unfiltered topics.


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