Provide a Canadian English dictionary?

Kenneth G. shared this idea 3 years ago
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I have been asking this question of MindManager for several years now...this is the response that I received:

Unfortunately, there isn't a Canadian English Dictionaries.

It is not available at the moment and there is no plan for it in the short term.

Just a suggestion: You might join an online community forum and request for it, hoping that the more people join and request it, chances are, it might be taken into consideration.

It is quite a slight to see a U.S., British, and Australian English dictionary, but no Canadian English version. Canadian English has quite a few differences from U.S. English, and it does not seem to be a huge ask to have an appropriate dictionary included. For such a great program otherwise, why the resistance to making your Canadian customers properly recognized?

If you are a Canadian product user, please add your support to this request so that we might get some consideration on a future build.

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Hello Kenneth

I am head of product and located in Ottawa. I totally understand your frustration. It is like when you are asked for your address on a form and you select Canada and then they ask for your state.

I personally use the UK English in MindManager since it is closer. I am going to look into this and see how easy it would be to implement. No promises.

I am also moving this into the idea section for people to comment and vote on.

Thanks... Blair