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Rob N. shared this idea 3 years ago
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It would be great if there was an option when adding a link to map parts / topics to automatically add a link in the reverse direction.

I'm using MindManager to store a large amount of research for my dissertation and have several cases where research references other research -- i.e. research from 2020 may reference research from 1980, so I insert a hyperlink from the 2020 through to the 1980 article,.

It would be great when writing this up, which I'm also planning n doing in MindManager, if the 1980 article had a link through to the forward facing research, in this case, 2020.

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Although not exact what you want....

There is a function available for a long time that does just that.

It can be found under: Right click on a topic (2020research) => select send to => select create a new map with relations both ways.

Now you have a new submap that links to the original topic and from the original topic you can link to the new map in one click.

If you add the (1980 reference research) to the central topic in your newly created submap, you have got the links you want.

And you can combine an overview of all maps with links to other maps in Multimap view

I do hope Development spends some time to expand this facility to be even more flexible.


Hi Rob,

You can insert reciprocal topic links using the drop menu.

For Example, drag Apple over Orange and hold it there for a few seconds until you see a blue menu icon show up, then drop.


In the subsequent context menu choose Insert Reciprocal Links and you're done. Hope that helps.



Morning Sia

Thanks for that. So, can we get a request to the development team to provide that as a right context menu addition with send to topic dialogue that searches for relevant topics as you type the destination?



Please explain and include images because i simply donot understand what you mean or want.

You are asking at least two things in one sentence


Hi @all,

I understood the question more like - I would like to be able to establish a new link biderectional. Not only - as described above - when I link to topics in one (!) map, but to be able to insert a biderectional link between topics of two different maps!

AFAIK - this is not possible today. If you link to another topice you always have to open the linked topic to make another link back to the one just established.

Long story short - the option to insert a bidectional link between topics on different maps would be absolutely fantastic!