Define Topic properties in bulk 2.0

Cleo H. shared this question 13 months ago
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I have the same question as this topic:

Is there any updates since the add-in solution from Alex G. ?

I have made some Map Part with lots of properties and some are type lists, sometimes I have to add new items to all that lists and It’s impossible to update all the topics with that proprieties at once, or at least I don’t know how to do it.

How do you all do those things, or you never update any properties?


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As far as I know, the only solutions are currently Olympic's MAP add-in, or a custom MindManager App based on App Studio.

For example, TDW's IPS Toolkit (S1000D data processing inside MindManager) makes extensive use of properties and includes a utility for renaming properties across a map.


Hi Nick,

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