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How can I divide a topic (with a list of 100 subtopics) into 4 subtopics with numbering continuing to flow from 1 to 100 across the four subtopics? That is:

  • Subtopic 1 carries sub-subtopics numbered 1 - 25;
  • Subtopic 2 carries sub-subtopics numbered 26 - 50;
  • Subtopic 3 carries sub-subtopics numbered 51 - 75, and
  • Subtopic 4 carries sub-subtopics numbered 75 - 100.


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Unfortunately this isn't possible in MindManager as unlike Word there is no way to set a starting number other than 1.

It may be possible to write a macro which adds a sequence of numbers as a prefix to a series of subtopics, but unlike MindManager's inbuilt numbering these numbers would be static and wouldn't change if subtopics are added or removed. The only other option I can suggest (assuming you have the Windows version of MindManager) is to set up the number sequence as columns in an Excel spreadsheet and use the Excel Data Mapper to import the relevant range to each subtopic. This numbering would also be static.


You could also set up the number sequences in a topic note in the map and then simply copy and paste these directly in the map. However this will still result in static subtopic numbering, and unlike Excel you can't set up a number sequence automatically just by dragging the fill handle down a spreadsheet column.


Thank you, Alex!