Two Issues of synchronization between Mindmanager Topic and Outlook Appointment

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Dear community,

Issue 1: When I send an MM Topic to Outlook as APPOINTMENT, the end time of Outlook Appointment (2023/4/6 2:30 as shown in the picture 1,for example) is always a little bit later than the due date of MM topic (2023/4/5).

Issue 2: After the Outlook Appointment is set up via MM, there is no sync between the start/end time in the Topic Properities and the start/due date in the Topic Task Info when I click "Sync with Outlook" button. It means the changes in MM Topic (start/due date, as you can see in the picture 2) cannot be reflected in Outlook Appointment (start/end time), and vice visa. BTW It's interesting that the sync b/w MM Topic Name and Outlook Appointment Title works well.

Could you give any good solution to fix these 2 issues? Thanks a lot!

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Issue 1. This may come from the hours per day that you allow for work in your settings.

Issue 2. The number of working-days do not count weekend-days.

If you want those, change your settings


Thanks for your reply! I found something new.

As for issue 1, you are right. The start time of the appointment in Outlook will be "current time, rounded up to closest 1/2 hour (as in Outlook)", which has been indicated in OnlineHelp (

The end time of the appointment will be the "start time + duration (i.e. 'Work hours per day' set in MM Task Info)". "Work hours per day" is 8 hours by default which can be changed up to 24 hours.

However what I expect is that the Topic in MM with "start/due dates" can be sent to Outlook as a All-day-event Appointment so that I don't have to the care about the "start/end time" of the Outlook Appointment. In this way, the time block of Appointment in Outlook Calendar view can precisely indicate the "start/due dates" of the Topic in MM.

As for Issue2, I changed the workdays settings in both MM and outlook but "the start/end time" of the Appointment shown in MM Topic Properties was still unable to sync with "the start/due dates" of the Topic in Task Info. I think the sync b/w MM and Outlook is good. The issue lies in the synchronization between Topic Properties and Topic in Task Info. I guess it's an MM internal issue.

I'm not sure whether there is a way to fix the issues.