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I have great problem with sharing map to others total who do not have MindManager soft and they cannot see the map I sent, your company about the issue, window person tells me to check with Google and or Edge, which I already did 4 times and confirm receipt map but cannot see content.

I just want to send map to othrs but something inhibit others seeing map who do not have MindManager software

I will attache Mindmanager original and converted Html, please check.

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You have 2 options :

- export file to html format.

- share link with publish in mindmanager ( see capture)

In these 2 options check the versions of yours browsers are compatibles (chrome and edge),try to update them

and try again



I opened the HTML file you attached here and there was no issue with viewing it on my end. I was able to view the slides just fine. This is like an issue on the end of the users you shared the file with. Plese ensure they are opening the HTML file from a local drive as some services such as Microsoft Teams will prevent users from opening HTML files if they are attachments in teams.

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