Mindmanager Yearly release cycle guidance?

Mahesh S. shared this question 12 months ago

After Corel's buyout of the product, is the MindManager not a priority for Corel? I have been using MindManager for almost 15 years, but I am starting to see new competitive products in the market which could drift MindManager users to those products. This year there was no new release (aka MindManager 23), and the surveys were the only initiative I saw to keep the customer traction. If the survey's planned feedback is to be used to build the next release, then I expect the next release to only happen in 2024. Am I right in my assumptions?

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Hi Mahesh,

Thanks for taking the time voice your concerns and provide feedback. MindManager is certainly a priority for Corel (now Alludo) and we are on track to release MindManager 23 by the end of April. We are also working on other exciting new features and improvements for Windows and Cloud throughout the year as well as a Mac release later scheduled for the second half.

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Hi Marian, Any updates on MindManager 23? Are we on schedule for the release, as was suggested above? I am asking because I plan to switch to other tools, but I want to check the direction Mindmanger is taking before I switch.


Hi Mahesh - thanks for your reply. MindManager 23 is scheduled for release April 18th. Expect an announcement in the user community on that date highlighting what's new.