Map input freezes in Map View but Ribbon and Inspector still work

Roger W. shared this question 6 months ago

Hi there

New Mac user here but long time Windows user.

My maps keep freezing so I can't edit or add or navigate round the map branches.

However I can still use the inspector functions, change views and add topics from the ribbon etc.- but still not edit them once they're on the main map view.

I can switch to outline view and see some of the map topics.

I can switch to schedule view and navigate and add topics but then not edit them back in map view.

Any idea what might be going on?

I'm using a new MacBook Air.

Many thanks


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Hi Roger,

This could be caused by a faulty installation or possibly some XML corruption if you are only seeing this behavior with specific maps.

Please open a case with MindManager Technical Support for assistance with this issue: MindManager Support

Best regards,



Hi Marian

Thank you - will do but will check if it's just specific maps first.