Upgrade boundaries to include subtopic subsets and overlapping groups

Alex G. shared this idea 12 months ago
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MindManager boundaries have remained virtually unchanged since I first used MindManager over a decade ago. This means they now lag well behind many of MindManager's competitors and it's time they were brought into the 21st century. They should be upgraded to include the following features (the numbers refer to the image below):

  1. The ability to include only some of a set of subtopics in a boundary;
  2. The ability to have two or more overlapping subset boundaries with blended colours for the intersecting areas;
  3. The ability to have one or more smaller subset boundaries within a larger boundary based on the parent topic, again with blended colours.


As an interim measure (and a useful one in its own right), shapes should be able to be locked to a topic, or a group of topics (I used shapes to create the above "boundaries"). This would allow them to change size and shape as the associated topics change.

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Another feature I forgot to include relating to boundaries is that (along with shapes) their formatting in terms of line type and line and fill colouring should be made available as effects in SmartRules. Users could be given the option of being able to apply these effects to one or more boundaries and/or shapes, or to all boundaries/shapes in the map.


...and while the lid is off that particular pot of paint, add filtering as well. Filtering a boundary should filter all the topics it contains.


This is so important. I often wish this feature was available!! 2 is nice but if that is too challenging, please start with one and 3. I really hope you do incorporate this suggestion in the near future.


Thanks for your support Pamela.

Actually I think that if they can do 1 and 3, then 2 should not be too difficult. The first step (option 1) is probably the biggest challenge - allowing boundaries to be applied to subsets of subtopics. If this can be done then option 2, allowing them to belong to more than one subset should not be too much of a problem. Option 3 with nested boundaries is already available for whole sets of subtopics so that shouldn't be too difficult either if they can add option 1.

As for the merged colour shading, that's already available for nested boundaries and overlapping shapes by using the fill colour transparency tool.