How can I do a "map roll-up" of all topics of a flow-chart map?

Bernhard W. shared this question 13 months ago


I use flow-charts to plan the sequence of operations of a bigger project and therein I assign the ressources needed for the topics. I now want to create a ressource planning map where I roll-up those flow charts in one map in order to create a "Ressource Chart" considering all flow-charts.

I have the following challenge: when I create a "map roll-up" of a flow-chart I can only roll-up a single topic out of a long list, where all topics of the flow-chart are listed. So, I can not roll-up all topics of a flow-chart in a single step.

Is it somehow possible to group all topics of a flow-chart in order to transfer them in a single "map roll-up" operation to the central ressource planning map, or is there another option to achieve the roll-up of a flow-chart?

Thanks a lot for help, Bernhard

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Hi Bernhard,

Flowchart topics in MindManager are connected by relationships and are not hierarchical diagrams like Mind Maps. This is why you only see one topic when using the Map Roll-up feature. For best results, you will need to use traditional Mind Map layouts.

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Hello Bernhard. You could calculate some limited rolled-up information from a flowchart by using Topic Properties and formulas instead of Task Info. Formulas can work across properties in floating topics.

For example, you could assign a duration value to a topic in a flowchart with a property, then use a formula in one of the flowchart topics to add them together. The total duration property could then be rolled up to another map. In the example below I have used the flowchart template, which does not have a central topic.

This is another case for being able to translate Task Info to Topic Properties, which has been suggested a few times.



To build on Nick's example, you can also use a similar formula to total the duration hours (or days) directly of the floating topics if you have added Start and Due Dates to them.

One of the few ways that date arithmetic based on these dates (along with other selected elements of Task Info) can be used in formulas is through the duration, effort and other numeric values provided via Task Attributes. First, add start and due dates to the flowchart topics. Then create the formula, select Floating as the Topic Range and click on the Insert Task Attribute icon. Choose DurationHours from the resulting dropdown menu:


You can then follow Nick's instructions to set up the separate dashboard map (see below).



Note: the hours don't match between the flowchart and the roll-up map in the image above because I forgot to update the roll-up map before I took the image.


I will work my way through this smart way of data consolidation via formulas and rolling up the results in my central planning map. I think this will work out for me!

Thanks a lot for your helpful comments!