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Richard F. shared this question 11 months ago
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Hi There,

I'm using MindManager 2022 within my team but we are struggling to add SPO teams site as a location to the client App.

Whenever I try to add the location I'm prompted to login (should already work with Windows SSO) but it fails requiring admin consent.

The following error is logged in my Azure AD tenant for my sign-in:

error code: 90094

Failure reason: Admin consent is required for the permissions requested by this application.

Additional Details: Ask your tenant administrator to provide consent for this application.

Application: MindManager

Resource: Office 365 SharePoint Online

If I login to MM SaaS then I can add my SPO site without any issues and edit the maps via the browser, however it will not work from the client and seems to need some additional permission granting within the tenant.

I'm missing a KB article to help troubleshoot this further and our M365 admins are stuck. Can anyone help with some further troubleshooting steps?

Client version is the latest 22.2.366



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Hi Rich,

you should try removing MindManager from the App in Azure and re-add it, it might solve this issue. Looks like it might not have registered properly.