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Stephen P. shared this question 16 months ago
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So far this looks pretty incredible, and I am hoping I can ask for some advice or clarification on a few things as I learn how to use the software!:

  1. Copy and Insert/Paste images: Does changing any of these settings affect the quality or size of the image? For instance, if I choose to paste an image at the same scale, or as a thumbnail, does MindManger store the image file the same way, or does it change the size or quality of the file?
  2. What is Convert Bitmaps to Metafiles? What is a metafile and how is it different from a Bitmap? (And I assume convert linked images to embeds is just saving a local copy of the image?
  3. Touch Screen: Can I make the “two-finger scroll” just one finger? It’s really award to use two fingers to scroll. I’d rather use two fingers for the selection instead.
  4. Pen Mode: Tablet computers recognize both when a pen is connected and when a pen is being used vs a finger. Can I use pen mode only with my pen, like most other programs allow for? As in, the ink/gestures in pen mode only apply when using the stylus and I can navigate normally by touch with pen. Pen mode feels a bit weird overall.

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Hello Stephen

  1. There is a setting in File > Options > Edit to make MindManager copy and insert images at full size.
  2. Conversion to metafiles applies only when you are exporting Topic Notes to Word. The documentation says this is for better compatibility with some RTF readers. A metafile is normally a vector image rather than a bitmap, although I think bitmaps can be embedded in metafiles.
  3. On my touch screen laptop, click and hold with one finger will drag the map. Two fingers will drag the map and will also change the zoom.
  4. I don't know whether this is an option - it might be best to submit it as a suggestion.


To follow up on Nick's reply to questions 1 and 4.

  1. The attached file is still the same - the map size is unaffected.
    You can compress all images, under info > Compress:
    4. I will investigate and get back to you.