Message "Unsupported Browser" for internal browser view (for some links)

oliver.mainka shared this question 11 months ago

I have MindManager 21. I have not used it for half a year, and am now creating a new mind map.

I have attached web links to some items in my map. For some links, but not others, whern I try to view them in the internal browser, it shows a message "Unsupported Browser. Office uses new browser technology and works best in the latest browsers. Please upgrade your browser."

When I open the link I get to a MS page about "Which browsers work with Microsoft 365 for the web and Microsoft 365 Add-ins"

I am lost and don't know what to do.

Thanks, Oliver

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Do you need to use the internal browser? If not, check if the links work if you set MindManager to open them externally by unticking the use built-in browser option in the Link drop-down menu under Home on the ribbon.

If this is successful would that be a viable workaround?



thanks for the reply.

Yes, I can open them all fine in an external browser, and so yes, this is a viable workaround. But sometimes it is just convenient to stay in MindManager's browser.

I wonder whether MindManager is hardcoded to use IE11, which is now deprecated, I could not find a setting in MindManager to configure which browser it should use internally.


I haven't had a problem with MM 22, though I usually tend to open sites in the external browser.

Apparently MM versions from 21.1 onwards indeed use Edge which works with the internal browser (though it has brought some other issues), so you may be right that the deprecation of IE11 could affect versions 21.0 and earlier.


I was able to upgrade to MM 22, and indeed now the problems are gone.

Thanks again for your help!