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Dano shared this idea 14 months ago
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MindManager Snap allows for both a topic and it's notes on a PC. edd2b232559044dcf8a189e2161971f7

On either a Smartphone or Tablet the SNAP function from with MindManager GO only allows for the send of the topic. 39d4d39b645638e467985e1c843ff538So it works, but it's limited to only moving a topic. What I like about the idea of SNAP is that if I am away with only my smartphone and I have an idea about a particular project I'm working on, I should be able to type in a topic header and enter a few paragraphs of notes. Some days later, within MindManager back at my workstation, I can open the Snap viewer and drag and drop the topic with its notes onto the appropriate Mind map.4cf61dd1ae2c464387794e1fd41747e2 As mentioned this currently only works for topic and notes from the PCs. I believe it should work for both topic and notes on all mobile devices Android and iOS.

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Agreed, and it would also be useful to be able to send files other than images from Android and iOS devices as well.