Empty line properties cannot be copied consistently

Pieter v. shared this question 12 months ago
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When I use a lot of properties, I like to separate them by empty lines, ie empty properties. I learned that in one of your webinars (great!). In fact the empty lines are properties as well, they have 1-space, 2-spaces, 3-spaces as their names.

When I want to copy the whole block of properties to another topic in my map, all works fine, only the second and the third separator line are gone.

Note that I initially create my properties via a macro. Creating the separator lines works fine there. Only when copying them, separator-2 and separator-3 are lost.

Could it be, that in the copying process the property names are trimmed, my separator lines are no longer unique in that case, and only the first one survives?

If so, could you tell me how I can manually enter "empty" properties (more than 1)?

Please, advice.

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It is likely that the property names are trimmed, so multiple spaces appear to be the same property as a single space. Could you use dashes (-------) instead of spaces? E.g. 7 dashes, 8 dashes, 9 dashes and so on so they look similar?