Ensure a user always sees the un-cached version of a topic in the community website

Rupert M. shared this idea 16 months ago
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If you create a topic on this website, it receives a static link, for example: https://community.mindmanager.com/topic/1683-add-a-decent-index-to-the-help

But if you then receive a comment on that topic, it is not shown, I presume because it is cached locally. The solution is to refresh your brower.

Note that, even if I click the link that is in the mail that notifies me of the comment, or if I search for my own topic and click the link there, I still don't see the latest version (basically, I see it the way I created it. Only if and when I refresh my browser, I get to see the latest updates.

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Hi Rupert,

Thanks for the feedback. I'll check on whether this can be addressed.