Edit a smartrule sometimes does not work

Rupert M. shared this question 13 months ago
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I create a Smartrule that is working fine. THen I decide I want to modify it (for example, I want to add an effect).

I follow the usual steps, but the OK button simply stays greyed out, so I cannot save my change.

Please see the attached screen shot:

  • I created the rule "HighlightMissingResources"
  • that rule is doing what I want
  • Then I edit the rule to add a second effect (add a tag as shown)
  • The OK butten stayes Greyed out

Any help is greatly appreciated


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I found out (when creating a new rule) that I have this very often when I try to add a second effect, whether it is to an existing rule or a new one. It seems to be some weird issue because, in the end, I was able to create the rule I needed by doing the steps in some weird order (first create a rule with some random conditions, then add the correct desired effects, then set the conditions to what I want and then apply it to the branch I need it on. Then I was able to create the rule - see screen shot.

But guess what: I then want to modify this rule again by simply setting a different background color, and again, the OK button stays greyed out... .