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Deaux_Boi shared this question 17 months ago

Long time user of MM (generational), current medical student.

Would love to hear thoughts on adding this level (see example) of functionality on topics. Have seen that there is something similar on templates on MM site, but have not seen updated in desktop client. The program is called xTiles, and I have experimented it with it some.

Aspects I am curious of your opinion about integration:

  • Adaptive Dashboard Visualization with topics (e.g. ability to move pieces around within a shape/boundary/swim lanes and have it stay within confines)
  • Increased modifiability of topics (Embeds, checklists, etc.)
  • Guidelines/Gridlocking (available on website but not desktop client unless I am mistaken)

Would love to hear any and all thoughts.

Also, when is MM going to jump on date created?

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Background shapes can be marked as "Topic Containers" which means that when you move the shape, all the floating topics contained within it are also moved.

You can use an alignment grid in MindManager for Windows (File > Options > Edit > Snap to Grid). However this is also affected by topic collision avoidance, and there is no collision avoidance or automatic re-positioning of background objects.

So you could create a "card" background object that contains several topics, and move it around the canvas, but it will not automatically move other cards out of the way.

I think the bigger question is the equivalence of entities between MindManager and the canvas-based PKM applications. There is a case for saying that a card containing multiple kinds of information is equivalent to a MindManager map, not a single topic. MindManager is much more outcome and project focused than PKM apps. PKM apps are great for collecting and organising content across a wide domain, but are less developed for delivery. They are also fairly poor at visualising context.

One non-obvious feature you could experiment with is using MindManager slides as a deck of "cards". Each slide is effectively a standalone map that can have multiple kinds of content. You can see them all in a gallery and change their order. A collection of cards is also a shareable file.


Thank you very much for taking the time to inform me on "Topic Containers." I tried it and am loving it.

Additionally, I have had success on the alignment and am experimenting with it.

I see what you are saying about the equivalence of entities. There was a vision I had regarding the ability to "Dashboard" MindManager which can essentially be solved with the topic containers and properly fleshed out topics. I also see what you are saying regarding the purpose of MindManager versus the canvas-based PKM, and the differential in their purposes.

Again, I appreciate you taking the time to answer. I am going to update my knowledge base through your webinars (starting with "Dashboard") and will report back.

Thank you again.