Rounding formula results

Ralf H. shared this question 12 months ago
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when using formulas i do not see any possibility in MM to round the value. To keep a good overview on the map would be good to round results either to an integer or at least to reduce the decimal places. At the moment a example on a result is 0,998263889. In office i could do that easily. Thanks in advance. :-)

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You can force rounding down to an integer by defining the property that holds the result of a calculation as an integer instead of a number. But this will round 3.99999 down to 3.

Defining the number of decimal places on number properties was suggested some time ago:


Thanks Nick,

I'm aware on the Integer value, but this is to rough with respect to my case. I'd like to keep the 2 decimal places like 2,55. Hope that MM will come up with that enhancement soon. :-)