Why ain`t Manage resources more user freindly?

Roar H. shared this idea 15 months ago
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Manage resourses:

- Can`t have 1000 or more resourses - Mind Manager close down. (defect?)
- Possibility to import resourses from sharepoint, excel og notepad.
- Standard rate - possibilty to fill standard rate to the whole list of resources?
- Make new colums easy etc. department, Section, competance?
- Possibility when work in Manage Resourses to put colour to each resource - department?
- Sort the Manage Resources list according to the colums heading?
- Possibility to manage resources to ex. 37,5 hour?
- Find a better place to store the list - not at the bottom of the resourcelist?
- Possibility to plan a project according to budget?

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While I support most of these ideas, at least one of them is possible at the moment.

You can add resources from a comma delimited list. Set up then copy a list of resources separated by commas in Word, Notepad etc, then create a dummy task in MindManager. Go to the Task Info tab, click on the Resources field and paste the list. The resources should appear on the dummy topic and are consequently available throughout the map.