Suddenly it's "Read-Only"... Why?

Mark B. shared this question 14 months ago

I have been using a mindmap to keep track of various projects for nearly a year now, and it has worked wonderfully. That changed yesterday, however, when I was randomly forced to sign-in to the program (are we required to sign-in periodically?). The sign-in attempt went on for ages, but now I am only able to open a Read-Only version of the map I have been building for a year. What the heck? Anyone have any ideas?


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Hello Mark,

With an active subscription, MindManager requires you sign-in/have internet connectivity at least once every 30-days.

I checked your account, and it appears the subscription has expired as of today. If you intended to keep your subscription active, please contact our support team here as there may have been an issue with the renewal - MindManager Support

Best regards,