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IT S. shared this question 14 months ago

A person has left our organization. They were the owner of several published maps. We would like to change the ownership of these maps to other people. We have access to the account and the maps, but I can't find where I could transfer or make someone else the owner of a map. Is this possible?

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If you have mm enterprise your systemen man can do that in the admin portal. If it is a single license you can try via mm support for license issues


We have enterprise licenses, and I have access to the admin portal (, but the only options I have are to manage licenses, and whether an account is active or not. I'm looking to transfer ownership of created published maps to another licensed user, not transfer the license itself.

I will open a ticket with support. Thank you!


A video for the admin portal options


If a user has created private maps, you can open them as a different user.

That also allows you to change access to the Published maps etc etc

The only reason you cannot open a map, is if it has a password.

If you cannot find the password, open it in read only and do a save as.


Hello IT S,

Ther are no options to transfer ownership of Published Maps. Other users who have access to the maps can re-publish them but that will result in the URL of the published map changing.

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