Mindmanager Mac ver 22.2.321 - Lagging text when typing in maps

Johan S. shared this question 14 days ago
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There is a problem with Mindmanager Mac ver 22.2.321 (Support case ID #3892449)

When typing text into a map node/box there is a significant delay/lag between pressing the key and the text appearing on the screen. The delay is relative to the number of maps/files that are opened at the same time. The test maps are very small, only3-5 nodes/boxes. The problems are repeatable and consistent.

* When two maps are loaded, writing a dummy line in a box will have a slight delay/lag, up to a second or two for 10-15 letters/spaces line.

* When three maps are opened and available in the window menu, the lag is significant. It can take 3 to 5 seconds for a 10 to 15 letters/spaces line to “catch up with reality”.

* If I close windows, the lag is reduced in relation to the number of windows closed.

* Persistant and repeatable lagging only appears in the “map” and “schedule” modes.

* When typing in an “outline” or “notes” window, there is no lag.

Adding to the confusion, I tested an old version of Mindmanager (13.2) which works flawlessly without any lagging whatsoever in exactly the same environment (MacBookPro 2021, Ventura 13.1, 64 GB RAM, Apple M1 Max processor).

Obviously, something seriously reducing the usability of Mindmanager for Mac has recently been introduced.

Does anyone have a similar problem?

Regards, Johan Stahre

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No i don't have that problem.

Best way is to go to support on mindmanager.com/support


Hello Johan,

I cannot reproduce this issue, and this is the first report of lagging text input we've received that I am aware of. I see you have a case open with our technical support team and provided sample maps but we still have not been able to reproduce the issue in-house. I'll ask the TS agent to do what he can to further troubleshoot.

Best regards,


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